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My name’s James and I’m a professional television producer that has entered the wonderful world of online entertainment. Welcome to my adventure blog!
If you’re seeking inspiration for your next adrenaline-packed escapade, you’ve landed in the right place. My adventure blog is your compass to the world’s most exhilarating experiences, captivating destinations, and insightful travel tips! Follow and share the journey!
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My name’s James Ryan and I love to explore our world and everything in it. My “day job” is that of a reality competition producer, working on some of the biggest game shows around including Big Brother and Survivor. Basically, I make games for a living! But I want more to offer, so I started this adventure blog!

Since I’ve traveled fairly extensively, both personally and professionally, I feel I can add a new twist to fellow adventure enthusiasts! So follow me for tips, tricks, recommendations and so much more in my exciting adventure blog!

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